About Us

Recruit Circle is the fastest growing platform for recruitment firms to share and view reviews about their clients.

Recruit Circle holds a growing database of all your existing and prospective client ratings and reviews. We give recruitment firms a platform to share their experiences about:

  • How difficult was the profile the employer provided
  • Did they provide you enough time for the recruitment process
  • How good were the hiring commercials?
  • Did they make the payment on time?
  • Was the feedback for the candidates you sent given on time.

We provide access to the recruitment reviews of a company by the people who know about it the best: the recruitment consulting firms.

We help thousands of recruitment companies in making their decision process easier and in growing their business.

Our Mission

  • To help recruitment firms make decisions that will enhance their business by giving them access to reviews about the clients they would want to deal with.
  • To help recruitment firms share with the world their experiences of their dealings with the clients.